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    Recipe Ideas to Inspire!‘s video recipe ideas were produced especially for home cooks just like you. When you need cooking ideas and inspiration, turn to us for fun and flavor.


    Cranberry Sauce

    Dave in Chicago, Illinois hates the traditional cranberry out of a can and wants an alternative. 1 Cup Sugar  1 Cup Water 4 Cups fresh cranberries 1 Cup toasted pecans ½ Cup golden currants ½ Cup black currants 1 TSP...

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    Roasted Turkey

    Barry, of Melbourne, Florida wants to add a little kick to his traditional holiday Turkey. 1 Turkey (any weight) 5 feet of butcher's twine 1/2 LB butter 2 Ounces fresh sage 2 Ounces fresh thyme 1 12 Ounce package of bacon Salt and pepper...

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